Children's Ministry



At Terra Nova your children are our highest priority.  We want to provide a morning for them where they can learn about Christ and have fun.  We want to provide an environment where they can share and grow learning Biblical truths.

Our staff is made up of caring, trained volunteers.  We are happy to answer any questions, concerns or comments that you may have.

Nursery Room:

For families that decide to keep their infants in service, we do have a room where you can care for you little one. It includes changing table and  rocking chairs, as well as, toys and cribs that parents are welcome to use.

Nursery/Preschool/Kindergarten Class: 

For toddlers to age 5.  We welcome your children to a safe fun environment to learn to play and to worship, grow and learn about God and each-other through story and play-time. Each month we focus on a new Bible story using video, music, object lessons, and coloring. Each child with go home with a paper that can be used to review the lesson at home each week. Check out this month's video here (just click on the star) 

Elementary Class: 

For Kindergarten through 5th grade. At the TN Kids Clubhouse, our kids have a weekly opportunity to encounter God as we learn about him through the stories learned at Konnect HQ. We'll get in to the Word, and discuss how we can make it real in our own lives, and talk to God each week. Review last weeks lesson, or see what your kids missed by checking out past videos we've watched here (just click on "Konnect").